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Murano Glass Ice Cream Dish

Murano Glass Ice Cream Dish

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Scoop up some fun with this hand-blown Murano Glass Ice Cream Dish! Perfect for enjoying yummy desserts, fruit, and of course gelato! This Murano glass dish is crafted with centuries-old Venetian glassmaking artistry and is sure to brighten up your spread with its vibrant colors. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean up after the party is over. Buon appetito!

These Murano Glass Ice Cream Dishes comes in two stylish options--multicolor and classic blue. 

Set Savings. Purchase 6 Murano Glass Ice Cream Dishes and automatically save 5%.

Additional Information

Slight differences in color, size, and density are not defects, but unique characteristics of a handcrafted product.

All Murano glassware is hand-blown in accordance with centuries-old Venetian glassmaking techniques. Casa Horatio sources our Murano glassware from Mazzega Art & Design SRL in Venice, Italy. Imported from Italy.

Materials & Care

Dishwasher Safe

Product Specs

Dimensions: 4" (W) x 3.125" (L)

Capacity: 8 oz.

Weight: 0.77 lb.

Why We Love This Product

Who can resist a scoop of gelato? At Casa Horatio, we're absolutely smitten with this richer, more indulgent cousin of ice cream. And what could be more delightful than savoring your gelato in these Murano Glass Ice Cream Dishes? It's the perfect pairing for a truly exquisite treat!

Gelato, with origins dating back to ancient civilizations, evolved over the centuries to become Italy's beloved frozen dessert. Its roots can be traced to ancient China and Persia, where early variations of frozen treats were made using ice and flavorings. By the Renaissance, Italian artisans refined the recipe, creating the smoother and denser gelato we know today. This delectable creation eventually captured the hearts of Italians and the world, becoming a cherished symbol of Italian culinary culture.

Much like gelato, Murano glassware boasts a shared heritage of artisanal craftsmanship. Just as gelato's evolution refined its flavors and textures, artisans have perfected Venetian glassmaking techniques over centuries to produce exquisite, one-of-a-kind creations. Both gelato and Murano glassware embody the passion and dedication of skilled artisans, resulting in delightful experiences that seamlessly blend tradition, innovation, and a touch of artistry. Just as a gelato maker carefully balances ingredients to achieve perfection, Venetian glassmakers meticulously mold and shape molten glass to create intricate masterpieces that enchant and endure.


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Ice Cream Dishes

We bought 6 of these ice cream dishes and we used them to serve brownie bottom sundaes for an informal dessert when we entertained some friends. The dishes were as big a hit as the dessert.