Italian Espresso Cups, Set of 2 - Blue Lemons

Experience the perfect espresso with these Italian Espresso Cups, Set of 2 - Blue featuring a traditional lemon design. Expertly hand-painted and made in Italy, these cups promise an elegant and unique coffee experience. Enjoy your favorite drink in style!

Slight differences in color, size, and design are not defects, but unique characteristics of a handcrafted product. Made in Italy.

In order to extend the life of your espresso cups, we recommend hand washing. Do not microwave.

Capacity: 3 oz. (per cup)

Dimensions: 2" (L) x 3.25" (W) (per cup)

Weight: 4 oz. (per cup)

Italian coffee culture is a vibrant and integral part of daily life, deeply rooted in tradition and social interaction. Italians take their coffee seriously, with a strong emphasis on quality and preparation methods. Espresso, a concentrated shot of strong coffee, is the heart of Italian coffee culture, commonly enjoyed at cafes and bars throughout the day as a quick pick-me-up or a moment of respite. The act of sipping espresso, often standing at the bar, encourages camaraderie and conversation, reflecting the importance of community in Italian society.

Hand-painted Italian espresso cups embody the essence of Italy's rich coffee culture. Just as Italians take pride in their espresso, these cups reflect a commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic detail. The act of sipping espresso from these cups becomes an elevated experience, reminiscent of the cherished moments spent at Italian cafes, where coffee isn't just a drink but a cherished tradition that fosters connection and conviviality. Holding a hand-painted Italian espresso cup is a tangible connection to the heart of Italy's coffee culture, allowing you to savor every sip with a touch of Italian authenticity and the artistry that makes each cup unique.

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Ryan Brannigan


Kristin T
Cutest cups!

These cups are the perfect espresso cups and brighten up our morning coffee! Wonderfully made!